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Get your free 2013 Melbourne Cup Sweep right here from Cups Betting

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Enjoy your 2013 Cup Day with a office sweep amongst workmates or among friends and family.

Melbourne Cup sweeps are easy to run and give everyone on the family and office a chance to be a part of the Melbourne Cup without doing hours of form and study.

Having a go in a sweep is an Australian way of life in workplaces and social clubs throughout the country, becoming the focus of the days festivities.

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2013 Melbourne Cup Sweep
2013 Melbourne Cup Sweep

To setup a Melbourne Cup Sweep, just download the PDF by clicking on the image on the right.

Print off two copies of our official 2013 Melbourne Cup Sweep page.

Keep one to record which horse everyone gets in the draw.

With the other, cut out each horse and fold them in half.

Draw a horse randomly from the folded horses for each person in the sweep

Record their names on the official sweep page where it says “Drawn By”.

It is that easy!

As an added bonus, each person can see what their horse is paying at Sportsbet by using a QR Code Reader to scan the QR Code next to each horse.

QR Readers are available for free on Android and iPhone in the app stores.

And while your at it, you can use your QR Reader to secure our exclusive $650 Melbourne Cup Free Bet. Just scan the QR Code and follow the instructions.

Sweeps in Australia are usually run for money, and anything from $1 per horse to $2, $5, $10; right up to $100 per horse is the norm.

In Australia, sweeps are normally run for a small prize pool to make things interesting.

How you divide the prize pool is up to you, but a very simple guide is:

[dt_list style=”1″ dividers=”true”][dt_list_item image=””]60% for 1st[/dt_list_item][dt_list_item image=””]20% for 2nd[/dt_list_item][dt_list_item image=””]10% for 3rd[/dt_list_item][dt_list_item image=””]10% for Last[/dt_list_item][/dt_list]

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